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Graduate Accelerator Program

Are you a high-achieving college grad looking to join world-class companies? Do you have a passion for technology and learning? SkillStorm’s immersive graduate training program is designed to put you on an accelerated technology career path.



We invest in every Storm Chaser (that’s our word for trainee). Join our elite team of Storm Chasers and earn while you learn. That means you can focus 100% of your energy on gaining new skills.
In just three months, we turn you into a world-class tech pro certified in today’s most in-demand technologies, tools and platforms, such as AWS, AI, Robotics, PEGA, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.
Once you are certified and ready to storm, you officially become a SkillStorm Stormer (our word for consultant). As a Stormer, you’ll join experienced technology teams and put your skills to work on innovative projects for leading companies and government agencies.

Launch Your Tech Career

My dream job is to be a software developer – this is why I’m here.

Kendric Williams

UNC Chapel Hill, BS Psychology

Our Partners in Talent and Tech Advancement

Accelerating Opportunities for
Military Veterans

SkillStorm is a proud employer of military veterans. We provide veteran transition and training programs in order to give those who’ve served opportunities to put their knowledge and security clearance to work in new, important ways.

Transitioning Service Members and Military Veterans:
We Value Your Experience and Tenacity

Let SkillStorm Sharpen Your Skills and Accelerate Your Transition into Tech

SkillStorm hires, trains, and deploys hundreds of military veterans and transitioning service members each year—those with and those without prior technology experience. Let us help you put your know-how, clearance, and new tech skills to work solving critical challenges at world-class companies and government agencies.

Tech Fellowships

Transitioning service members can enter SkillStorm’s 12-week development program designed to train and certify you in top software development platforms such as AWS, Salesforce, Pega, ServiceNow and more. At the end of your fellowship, you’ll have the opportunity to be hired on and deployed with one of our Fortune 500 clients.

IT Apprenticeship

Transitioning service members and veterans can join SkillStorm’s IT apprenticeship program with no prior tech experience or college degree. Over the course of 36-months, you’ll progress from an L1 Help Desk role to a certified, experienced IT pro!

Corporate Fellowships

Gain experience in a corporate environment by working right here in our headquarters. SkillStorm offers fellowships for transitioning service members in recruitment, account management and marketing. These fellowships are meant to align with and accelerate your existing skill sets and help you navigate your civilian career.

Tech Certification Courses

Learn from SkillStorm’s industry experts and get certified in some of the hottest technologies like AWS, Salesforce and Pega. Skillstorm’s fully online courses are available for transitioning service members and veterans to help you prepare for certification. Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to take the next step in your tech career, we have entry to expert-level courses designed to help accelerate your career.

Immersion & Certification Training Program

In just three months, we turn you into a world-class tech pro certified in today’s most in-demand technologies, tools and platforms, such as AWS, AI, Robotics, PEGA, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.


SkillStorm’s immersive training programs, approved for VA funding, are designed to accelerate the careers of veterans of all backgrounds and experience levels. In 16 short weeks, you’ll gain the skills and certifications our Fortune 500 and Federal Integrator clients are looking for. Learn More.

Get Paid to Accelerate Your Career

  • We invest in you. Paid world-class training and upskilling in emerging tech
  • Gain in-demand tech certifications and ongoing professional development
  • Work on rewarding projects for innovative companies and government agenciese
  • Competitive Salary, Health insurance, PTO and 401k

Why Military Veterans Should Consider Tech

You’ve learned how to effectively follow, lead, and communicate as a member of a cohesive team. These are the soft skills organizations need in their developers, but many are lacking. That’s why at SkillStorm, we are passionate about accelerating your career by giving you the tech skills you need to compliment your valued military experience.

Demand for Clearances

Cloud computing is defining the new age of tech. And, federal agencies migrating to secured cloud computing are creating an insatiable demand for cleared tech talent. Your clearance makes you a scarce resource. You can get the tech skills you need to maximize your clearance with SkillStorm.

Transferable Skills

Working in tech requires excellent time management, critical thinking, creativity, and working well under stress. Sound familiar?

High-Wage, High-Opportunity Career

Skillstorm’s training and certifications in high-demand technologies accelerate your ability to get the high-paying career you’re seeking.

Transition to Tech

Skillstorm has been very veteran friendly – and has helped me prepare for my job.


Marine Corps

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Expand Your Tech Skills with StormSurge, Our Online Learning Platform

StormSurge is helping thousands of people launch and accelerate their tech careers. Whether you’re just starting out or taking your talents to the next level, StormSurge is a mentor-supported, online learning platform where you can learn today’s most in-demand technologies and achieve your professional goals.

We Pledge Ourselves to Excellence

We are a diverse tech community united in one purpose: accelerating opportunity for people and businesses.

It’s hard to build true teams in the fast-growth tech industry. That’s why we created the Stormer’s pledge. Our culture is what sets us apart, helping us recruit high-performers who want to storm the market with excellence.


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