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Resource Planning and Consulting
March 14, 2020

A major healthcare insurance provider with a 3,000+ member technology team tasked with updating multiple disparate mission critical applications to help streamline operations, reduce costs and improve customer service for millions of its members.


Our client identified its reliance on hiring tech talent that requires work visas as a ‘significant risk’ for the organization. They wanted to mitigate this risk by significantly reducing its dependency on the visa program. However, given the limited supply of domestic talent, it needed to find a way to do this without incurring the additional cost typically associated with hiring tech talent in the U.S.


We consulted with our client to understand its risk mitigation plan and other pending technology initiatives. This involved a deep dive into the various roles, skill sets and experience needed to replenish existing positions and to identify a realistic timeline on which we could work to ensure a staged and smooth transition.

We also took this opportunity to identify the resource requirements for other pending technology initiatives and collaborated to develop a new and holistic approach to tech talent acquisition.

We took a multilayered and phased approach to providing the exact talent our client needed based on experience level and skill sets. We used our extensive network to attract senior- and mid-level talent with the right experience skills and domain knowledge.

We extensively used our Hire, Train, Certify, Deploy program to provide entry- and junior-level talent trained and certified in the specific skill sets needed to ensure a successful transition. This model ensures our client has a reliable pipeline of domestic talent without exceeding its original budget.


SkillStorm was able to provide domestic teams of technology professionals of all levels from senior- to entry-level tech talent certified across multiple technologies. We were able to accomplish this within our client’s budget and on its timeline and we continue to provide new talent monthly as part of its new technology talent acquisition model.

The SkillStorm team’s in-depth knowledge of the market combined with their ability to deliver domestic talent at scale is what truly set them apart. SkillStorm’s thoughtful and engaging approach to understanding our challenge and its unique delivery model, really made us think differently about our talent acquisition strategy moving forward.



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