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Hire, Train, Certify, Deploy and Upskilling
February 20, 2020

Our client, a global financial services company, was in the process of updating one of its monolithic applications. Their goal was to incorporate a mobile-friendly, microservice-oriented solution that can easily be expanded in the future.


During the initial discovery, we uncovered several potential challenges that would come from updating the existing application. The first was the inability to support and expand the modern solution given the constant changes in end-user automation needs. In addition, the programming language was dated, so as the technology ecosystem around the application changed, the application would run into significant issues.

Our client required developers in very specific emerging technologies to work within the multiple Agile teams that were supporting the application replacement project because the application was so large. Also, many teams were required to build out the micro-services, re-imagining the functions of the existing application. Finding talent to accomplish this was difficult because not only was it not available in the market, but the existing staff was not well-versed in the new technologies.


Implementing both our Hire, Train, Certify, Deploy and Upskilling Services was the right solution to meet our client’s needs.

Our technical recruiting team tapped into their exclusive database of passionate individuals who had the basic technology skill sets to go through a training and certification curriculum specific for the client’s needs.

In parallel, our trainers developed a customized training program for our customer’s key existing staff members to learn the new emerging technologies and be better prepared to lead the transformation project of the application.


Our client successfully developed and deployed a re-imagined modern application and was able to retire the older monolithic system. The client now has the appropriate staff to support the application and continuously build new ones as requirements change over time.

Finding tech talent that fits our needs was difficult because there are very few of us that really understand the new technologies, we ourselves needed to learn the technologies. SkillStorm rapidly brought our team up to speed, while scaling our team with junior talent to co-develop, support and manage future builds. SkillStorm has proven to be successful in finding the right talent to bring up to speed and educating experienced people, like ourselves very quickly.



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